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About Wild Atlantic Health

Wild Atlantic is a preventative health technology company committed to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. We believe Functional Medicine – which identifies root cause health issues, offers a more human-centred, science-backed approach. One that empowers people and practitioners to put “Health in your Hands” by managing and monitoring the results.

Through a unique Test. Measure. Address approach we combine convenient diagnostic Home Testing with premium health Supplements to create integrative and personalised solutions delivered directly to your door.


Our mission is to build a healthy business– healthy for our customers, staff, stakeholders and the planet. This starts with making responsible choices in the way we work, the ingredients and suppliers we use, and the sustainable packaging we create.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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Frequently asked Questions

Can my body make Vitamin D?

Yes, exposing skin for 20 minutes every day during the midday sun, in the summer months, you should be able to make a healthy amount of vitamin D. However, if you wear sunblock, have darkly pigmented skin, or are elderly or overweight, you may not make enough. There is not enough sunlight at the correct angle in the northern hemisphere from October to March. That's six months of the year!

Can my body make Vitamin K2?

No, bacteria make K2 by fermentation. The tiny amount produced in the lower intestine (colon) isn't where we absorb nutrients, so it's thought the bacteria use this for their energy! So you either need to eat fermented Natto or take a supplement.

Why do I need Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is essential for vision, the immune system and reproduction. It also helps the heart, lungs and kidneys work properly.

Am I likely to be Vitamin D deficient?

In Ireland, 74% of adults and 88% of primary school children have less than half the daily recommended amount of vitamin D. Low vitamin D levels are very common in Ireland. Best to take the test.

Why do I need Vitamin K2 with my D3?

Vitamin D tells the gut to absorb calcium. Vitamin K2 tells it to go to the bones and not get clogged in the arteries. This solves two of the most significant diseases, heart disease and osteoporosis. So why wouldn't you supplement?

Can I eat carrots to get my vitamin A?

While beta carotene in carrots can be converted into active vitamin A, many people have a genetic SNP that means they cannot convert efficiently! These people should consume preformed Vitamin A found in the liver, fish and eggs. If supplementing, do not exceed the daily dose recommendations!

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