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Omega 3 Testkit & Supplement Combo

Our test measures your Omega 3 Index (the % of EPA, DHA in red blood cell fatty acids) as well as your Omega 6:3 ratio which is the degree of inflammation in your body determined by diet and lifestyle factors.

Knowing your numbers can result in heart, brain, eye and overall health benefits.

Our unique Home Test Kits use a simple pin prick of blood to test your Omega 3 levels. Post your sample anonymously and our lab will deliver the results directly to your phone within 2 weeks. Wild Atlantic will also explain your results and offer you a personalised plan.

As added support, our Ocean Pure Omega 3 is designed to boost your bio-markers and maximise your health.


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Bring together the combined power of identifying Omega 3 deficiency and maintaining optimal levels.


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