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According to the HSE, in Ireland today, we have over 1 million people suffering from complex, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health, and autoimmune disorders.

Sadly our current “sick-care” system is not set up to help prevent disease before it occurs, or reverse it after it is already present. Instead, it’s almost entirely based on suppressing symptoms with drugs and “managing” disease after it has occurred. Furthermore, it lacks blueprints for optimal health and inaccurately defines health as the absence of disease and injury.

Wild Atlantic is a preventative health technology company committed to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. We believe Functional Medicine – which identifies root cause health issues, offers a more human-centred, science-backed approach. One that empowers people and practitioners to put “Health in your Hands” by managing and monitoring the results.

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Through a unique Test. Measure. Address approach we combine convenient diagnostic Home Testing with premium health Supplements to create integrative and personalised solutions delivered directly to your door.

Our mission is to build a healthy business – healthy for our customers, staff, stakeholders and the planet. This starts with making responsible choices in the way we work, the ingredients and suppliers we use, and the sustainable packaging we create.

Our 7 core values and guiding principles:

He who has health has hope, he who has hope has everything.

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Consumers don’t know if their supplements really work, which is why we started a company where we could stand over the results.

Founded in 2018, our team has an eclectic mix of human health experience, business and building products and brands that make meaningful differences. We’re fanatical about designing products that can move people towards their best health ever! 

Wild Atlantic Health is located near the beautiful town of Kinsale in Ireland, which is the start of the spectacular road journey known as the Wild Atlantic Way. 


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We believe that it’s possible to create incredible all-natural products that work, without harming or polluting the planet that feeds us.

We do this by fanatically sourcing the best ingredients available, whether they are plant-based or ocean harvested, from certifiably sustainable sources.

For example, our Ocean Pure Omega 3 supplements are 3 times more bio-available than regular store-bought brands. This means that we use nearly 70% less fish for the same potency, and naturally, we only use MSC sustainable-certified fisheries.

We have also partnered with OWP to extract waste plastic that pollutes our oceans, rivers and beaches. We turn this Ocean Waste Plastic into our bottles.

At Wild Atlantic, we are setting a new standard for developing sustainable vitamins & supplements.

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Wild Atlantic Health is guided by an ethical business approach that supports sustainability and fresh innovation with all our ingredients and formulations.

As part of our company commitment to ongoing Research & Development, we collaborate with carefully selected commercial partners combined with Irish tertiary institutes to create an exciting pipeline for breakthrough new product development. 

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