Wild Atlantic Health

Take the Test. See the Results.

Feel the Difference

First and foremost we need to go through the Test Kit contents to ensure that all the pieces are present.

  • Sterile Wipes
  • 2 Lancets
  • Gauze Pad
  • 2 Finger Bandages
  • Blood Collection Card
  • Collection Card Sleeve
  • Sterilised Foil Bag
  • Pre-addressed Envelope

Register the Test Kit

Tear the perforated Registration Card from the Blood Collection Card. Direct your phone camera to the QR code or visit WildAtlanticHealth.com for easy online Test Kit registration.

Save the Registration Card as it contains a unique Test Kit Identifier code.


Prepare the finger

Clean hands thoroughly with warm water. Increase blood flow to the hand by swinging your arm and massaging the hand for 20 seconds. Clean the tip of your index, middle or ring finger with disinfectant alcohol wipe included in the kit. Remove excess alcohol with the gauze pad.


Use the lancet

Twist and remove the protective cover. Hold the lancet lightly on the side of the finger and press down firmly until a click is heard. This will release a small spring-loaded needle, and you will feel a faint sting.


Complete blood collection

Gently squeeze your finger, allowing a drop of blood to collect. Lightly touch the blood drop to the centre of the circle. Fill the circles with blood.

Set card aside and let it dry undisturbed for 15 – 20 minutes.


Wipe and bandage

Use the gauze pad to wipe away remaining blood and apply an adhesive bandage if you wish.


Pack and post

Once the blood spots are dry (15 – 20 minutes), insert the Blood Sample Collection Card into the Blood Sample Card Sleeve. Place the sleeve into the sterilised foil bag and ensure it is firmly sealed. Finally, place the foil bag into the prepaid return mail envelope contained in the kit and mail on the same day.

Discard waste in the trash.