Get nutrition advice tailored to you

Wild Atlantic Health is the only company where you can test your nutrient levels and then see real improvements with our science-based supplements.

How it Works

Vitamin D Home Test kits, mobile app results

1. Get your test kit online or at our partner health stores

Simply select from our Vitamin D, Omega-3 Essential or Omega-3 Advanced Test Kits

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2. We'll ship it same-day

Your Test Kit will be shipped straight away. Shipping in Ireland is always free and your package will arrive at your door in 1-2 days.

Vitamin D Home Test kits, mobile app results

3. Activate your Test Kit

Every Test Kit contains a unique activation code uniquely linked to you. Unlike other tests this ensures total privacy protection of your personal data.

Always Activate your test on the same day you collect your sample to ensure you get your results.


4. Collect your sample

Once your Test Kit has arrived, carefully follow our step-by-step instructions. No more doctor waiting rooms or trying to navigate unwieldy results. The video below will run you through taking the test.

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Vitamin D Home Test kits, mobile app results

5. Free pack & post

On the same day the sample is taken, post it to our Lab for free. We’ll keep you updated and your results will be ready within 7 working days.

Laboratory Vitamin D Home Test kits and Vitamin D3 + K2 + A supplements

6. Medical review & support

All Lab results are overseen by a an MD and recommendations on supplement dose, nutrition and lifestyle changes have been approved by our expert Functional Medicine Doctor & Nutritional Team.

Vitamin D Home Test kits, mobile app results

7. Access your results

Find out what your body really needs. Within your Health Panel you’ll see your bio-markers and get actionable insights on how to best improve your health and track your progress.


8. Supplement suggestions

By establishing your baseline and using our supplement calculator, you’ll be able to get a clear picture on exactly what you need to improve your nutrient levels and see real health improvements on your next Test.