DPA – the missing Omega you may never have heard of.

We’ve all listened to podcasts and lectures about the different Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  Normally there’s mention of EPA, DHA and ALA.  However, the “missing Omega-3” called DPA   (22 : 5n-3) docosapentaenoic acid is often overlooked. It has always been part of healthy nutrition because infants obtain almost as much DPA as DHA in human breast milk. At the […]

Little known vitamin K2 can boost your life expectancy

Would you be interested to hear that a little known family of molecules, Vitamin K, may be the missing ingredient in your diet? And may decrease your chance of dying from heart disease or osteoporosis, two leading causes of death. It may even help with diabetes, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis and certain cancers.

Prozac Vs Omega 3 for Depression

Startling disclosures, from previously hidden sources, that Prozac is no more effective than placebo in the treatment of clinical depression has met with reactions ranging from surprise to despair. However, these revelations are neither new, nor surprising. Unconvincing outcomes from earlier trials raised serious questions about the efficacy, as well as safety, of new generation […]

The Expanding Role Of Omega-3 in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

While the health benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) omega-3 have been well established for the past three decades, it is only recently, since its appearance as a pharmaceutical agent, that this remarkable fish oil product has received recognition for its usefulness as a preventive and therapeutic agent in a wide range of clinical disorders. […]

Why is Vitamin D so important?

Early science understood the calcium homeostasis role of Vitamin D and bone health. However, we now know that vitamin D plays a major biological role in human physiology, cell differentiation, proliferation (1) and immunity. In our new understanding, we realise it is no longer recommended to have merely sufficient levels of Vitamin D to avoid rickets. […]

How is Vitamin D made?

In the presence of UVB rays from the sun, a precursor, pre-vitamin D is made in the epidermis from a derivative of cholesterol in the skin. This is then made into D3 in the lower layers of the skin. (cholecalciferol) The liver converts this to calcidiol (25-hydroxy vitamin D), and another conversion to calcitriol 1,25 […]