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Omega-3 levels in Ireland


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Testing Omega-3 levels in Ireland is so important. Having the right levels can change the way we think, feel and age.

Thanks to Clair Whitty from The Natural Health Store  and Alan McGuire for a fantastic radio interview on South East Radio in sunny Wexford on Saturday 13th August

Listen in as they join Wild Atlantic Health’s Nutritional Therapist Barbara Barrett and discuss why Omega-3 levels in Ireland are so important and having the right levels can change the way we think, feel and age.

South East Radio is an Irish radio station based in County Wexford, broadcasting at 95.6; 96.2, and 96.4 MHz. The station also broadcasts on the same frequencies into adjoining counties – including Wicklow, Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford.

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South East Radio. Ireland

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